Do you find it impossible to keep your bathroom glass doors clean and free from water spots? I did and I tried many products, but they often failed. But I have discovered how to keep them spotless and I haven’t cleaned my glass doors in years! I don’t have film buildup or water spots. Here’s my secret!

It’s called the Aquis Lisse towel and it takes only a few minutes to keep your bathroom shower glass doors beautiful. No more cleaning products or squeegees. So how do you use it?

  1. Just wipe your glass doors with the towel.
  2. If you already have buildup and you’ve tried everything – try to clean the doors first with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Then use your Aquis towel.
  3. Use your Aquis towel to wipe down the rest of your shower. If you have any mold – I use this product Kaboom. I don’t have a mold problem – probably because I spray Kaboom once week on my grout area. If you continue to have a mold issue, you might want to contact a professional to see if there’s an hidden underlying problem.

And that’s my secret!

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