What God Says About Trials and Challenges


Trials aren’t fun. To be honest, if I see one coming, I make every effort to avoid it. I question You, Lord, when I read Your words spoken through Your [...]

What God Says About Trials and Challenges2020-06-07T23:01:57+00:00

Love As One


Over two billion people live on this planet. Lord, You created us all different! Sometimes it seems as though it would have been easier if we didn’t have differing opinions [...]

Love As One2020-05-29T10:25:53+00:00

Your Helper Is By Your Side!


I can only imagine what the disciples were witnessing! As You slowly rose off the ground and ascended into heaven, I’m sure their gaze followed. Standing below, Your followers must [...]

Your Helper Is By Your Side!2020-04-13T17:43:59+00:00

You Are Jehovah-Rapha


I praise You in the stillness of the night as I sit humbly at Your feet. I wait patiently to hear Your loving voice, to feel the power of Your [...]

You Are Jehovah-Rapha2020-03-20T12:35:51+00:00

Lord, How We Need You Now!


In a world of global technology, everything is at my fingertips. It’s all only a click away. But You, God, are the source of all wisdom. Why do people look [...]

Lord, How We Need You Now!2020-03-11T19:02:10+00:00

God’s Truth When Storms Crash Against You


You’ve taken me to an unknown territory—an isolated place where the ocean waves crash against the seashore, warning me that a storm is near. It is here in my exile [...]

God’s Truth When Storms Crash Against You2020-02-15T13:50:32+00:00

God’s Truth When Someone Hurts Us


You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.Psalm 63:1NIV [...]

God’s Truth When Someone Hurts Us2020-02-11T01:08:27+00:00

You Give Me A New Heart


In You there is hope! In You there is life. No one on earth is too far gone, too separated from You to receive Your Spirit of life. I am [...]

You Give Me A New Heart2020-01-14T19:56:41+00:00

God’s One Truth About Anxiety


Peace. Everyone longs for it—peace with others, peace within our families, peace in life, world peace. Jesus, You are my Prince of Peace. Your truth tells me, For to us [...]

God’s One Truth About Anxiety2020-01-12T15:51:53+00:00
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