Chalk Paint – Valspar – $26.00

Sealing Wax – $18.00

1 ½ Trim Brush – $10.00

Foam Roller 3-Piece Mini Paint Applicator Kit – $6.00

Painting Tripods – $6.00

New Hardware – $35.00

Total Cost – $101.00

Time Spent – 2.5 Days

To be honest, my husband and I wanted to replace our master bathroom cabinets. They were just plain ugly. We knew that we would lose the money we had already put into them years earlier when we replaced the countertops – thinking the countertops would help. They did, but the cabinets were still ugly. Years passed and we continued to discuss updating to freestanding cabinets.  The approximate cost to replace the cabinets and countertops would’ve been around $5,000.00. Chalk painting was my last-ditch effort to save our cabinets. Here’s what I did.

  1. Remove all hardware and doors.
  2. Decide where you want to paint the doors. I painted mine in our garage, placing a drop cloth on the floor and using paint tripods.
  3. Chalk paint doors using the foam roller. Use the trim brush to reach corners of the doors. Apply two coats – allowing each coat to dry completely. I waited at least 8 hours between coats. Be careful as you handle your doors. Until you apply the wax and let it cure, the paint is still vulnerable to scratches.
  4. Paint the cabinet/cabinets using the foam roller. Use the trim brush to trim and reach difficult areas.
  5. Let paint dry 24 hours before applying the wax.
  6. Get ready to wax! Many people use a chalk paint brush to apply the wax. (When my friend introduced me to chalk painting – I have used several times on a few furniture pieces we did together. I’ll show you those later.) We used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and additional steps. You can also use a soft durable rag – like an old t-shirt to apply wax. I used one of my husband’s old t’s.
  7. Apply a thin layer of wax to the doors and the cabinets. Rub the wax evenly and thoroughly. If your cabinets and doors have a “sticky” feeling – you have applied too much wax.
  8. Carefully replace the doors and hardware. If you scratch the paint, just touch up and reply wax to the repainted area.
  9. Be careful with your new painted cabinets. It takes about 30 days for your cabinets to cure.

I love the new look and I saved $4,998.00! 🙂

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