In a world of global technology, everything is at my fingertips. It’s all only a click away. But You, God, are the source of all wisdom. Why do people look to a broken world for life’s meaning and not to You?

I think of Solomon in the book of Proverbs. More than anything, he wanted wisdom. So over riches, fame, and power, he asked You for understanding. You, God, were very pleased with his request. And You gave it freely! But it doesn’t stop with him. You promise all believers—You promise me—that You will gladly give Your wisdom to any who asks for it. Your truth tells me,

Get wisdom; get insight; do not forget, and do not turn away from the words of my mouth (Proverbs 4:5 ESV).

You are the source of all wisdom and the world is not! When I seek You for direction for my life, a beautiful miracle happens: I begin to walk and live in truth. And truth applied to life in all my daily thoughts and details leads to real wisdom. It leads to peace.

As I meditate on the Proverbs, I reflect on Your nature, the effects of sin, and my need for truth in my daily life. You give me a deeper understanding of who You are. You are omniscient. You are wisdom! And to become wise is to draw closer to You, from whom wisdom comes. It’s Your gift to guide me through this broken world!

Heavenly Father, learning from You becomes my link to greater understanding—not only of how and why the world works as it does, but also how You are at work behind it using all You have made for Your glory. It is all for Your glory!

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