When I think about Job’s friends, Job had every right to resent them. The seven days when Job’s friends simply sat with him in silence would have been enough. But then they began to speak, doling out criticisms and misrepresenting both You, God, and Job in the process. They thought their words were holy and sound, but they were not based in truth.

As I read Job’s story and his friends’ gross misinterpretation of truth, I cringe. Job could’ve easily turned away from You and his friends. He could’ve turned from truth and turned toward resentment, but he didn’t. It’s a good lesson—one I need take to heart. You call Your servants to places of suffering in certain times of life, not as a punishment but as a means to learn to trust You more deeply.

Lord, You show me that resentment doesn’t work. First, the bitterness destroys the heart and it destroys my relationship with You. I cannot resent others and love them at the same time. Second, if I am a follower of You, I must stand firm in Your love and truth even when I am faced with criticism. You are the only One that I long to please. And today, I will share this with others.