You’ve taken me to an unknown territory—an isolated place where the ocean waves crash against the seashore warning me a storm is near. It is here in my exile that You open my eyes to the truth that You alone are God. It is here, heavenly Father, that You pull me close to You through Your Word, Your truth and ask me, Who are you seeking?

Lord, it is You. I seek You and Your truth for my life! It breaks my heart that I have wasted precious time seeking after distractions that have diverted my attention away from Your love and grace.

Heavenly Father, You have revealed to me that You want me to know You more deeply—to love Your Word, to trust You, to seek You, and to know there is no other way to have eternal life with You except through Your Son, Jesus. Your truth tells me, “For God so loved the world,that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him” (John 3:16–17 ESV).

There is no other way! You gave Your one and only Son so that through His death, I would have eternal life with You. Through His sacrifice, the veil was torn that separated me from You so that I could enter into Your throne, the Holy of Holies. It’s only through Jesus that I can stand before You without fear and trembling because He stands in front of me. You see me through Your precious Son who knew no sin. Through Him, I am pure, I am righteous, I am holy, and I am as white as snow.

Now as my quiet time ends, You reveal to me that this is my beginning to know You more deeply, to love Your Word, and to trust You all the days of my life. You are God alone. You are truth. Heavenly Father, it is You that I seek; I seek truth.

Terry Squires is a veteran author, speaker, television host and creator of many gift products for teens and adults. Her 20+ books include the bestselling series, the Communicate Christ series, God’s Stories-My First Thoughts, Bible Stories for Bedtime, Ancient Heroes, created and contributed to the ONE Impact Bible, and now, I Seek Truth – Hachette/Worthy Publishing.

Terry co-produces and hosts her weekly television program, Today’s Nashville – This Is Faith (previously called Today’s Life – Stories of Unshakable Faith) and speaks, nationally. Speaking topics include: The Power of One and I Seek Truth –Seeking His Truth for Your Life.

She is a BSN graduate of Valparaiso University and is a RN. Terry lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is married to Ted Squires. Together, they have four grown sons, three grandsons, and a Boston Terrier named, Reagan.