I would love to share I Seek Truth with you! 

Speaking topics include:

  • God Has Your Number – Testimony – The power of how one person can change the direction of one’s life.

  • Seeking His Truth For Your Life – Seeking an intimate relationship with God and knowing His truth in life. 

  • Finishing Last In The 50 yard Sprint – Forgetting what is behind and pressing forward to the goal. 

  • Reigning on Your White Picket Fence – Surviving shattered dreams and allow God to reign on your white picket fence.

  • Today’s Girls in Today’s World – Overcoming tough teen issues in today’s culture.

  • The Girlfriend/Boyfriend Codes – Developing healthy, godly friendships and relationships.

What People Are Saying

“Terry’s powerful messages shows us what happens to person’s soul when they seek truth, meditating on God’s Word, letting it be the daily bread by which Jesus said we should live .” – Kay Arthur, Chattanooga

Kay Arthur

“Terry is an excellent communicator of truth because she is a seeker of God’s truth. I so love her genuine spirit and faithfulness to God’s Word and obvious love for people. I’m looking forward to Terry speaking again at my church!” – Pastor Sal Sberna, Houston

Pastor Sal Sberna

“This woman is a very dear friend. Beautiful inside and out. Her love for God’s word inspires me greatly.” – Chonda Pierce, Nashville

Chonda Pierce

“Terry’s transparency and her love for God truly blessed and transformed the ladies who attended the Royal Tea in Nashville. She speaks truth through her message to seek truth through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m so honored to have met Terry and to have had the opportunity to invite her to be a part of the Royal Tea.” – Chaplain Jody Griffin, Reaching Hearts & Souls Ministries International

Jody Griffin

“Terry Squires came to Liberty University and did an outstanding seminar with the student body on the risks that young women face. She is an outstanding speaker and provided students with insightful information on how young women must cope with these issues. We were honored to have her speak and recommend her for future engagements.” – Carl Townsend, Liberty University Women’s Event

Carl Townsend

“Powerful, dynamic and engaging speaker. Terry pulls you into her messages of truth within seconds of sharing with others.” Patricia Chambers, Fort Wayne

Patricia Chambers

“Terry is a gift from God and her friendship has given me joy and renewed my faith. Hearing her speak is both inspiring, eye-opening and invites self-reflection.” Janine Swinford, Nashville


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